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From the dark depths of the knitting bag emerges the myth, the legend, the Frankenbunny! Actually, this is a before picture of my very first bunny prototype, before he gets sewn up and fluffed up. He was very fun to work, with lots of shaping involved. I am going to a craft shop this afternoon, and getting all the materials to stuff and fluff. I hope that he turns out to be a good bunny that does not scare the villagers.


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First Post

Welcome to Craft Attack!  I have been trying to blog for a while, but most of my blog-projects end up turning into time capsules of the week I got motivated to start a blog.  However, I now have good reasons to begin this particular blog, and I will list them, not necessarily in order:

1. I am a stay at home mom, or attempting to be, and I need to keep at least a small percentage of what is left of my sanity/intelligence for the adult world, and not for singing endless verses of ‘This Old Man”

2. What exactly is knick-nack, paddy-whack, and how does one play it?  It sounds dirty..plus I can never find anything to rhyme with twelve.  This is what keeps me up at night…that and the 5 month old.

3. I have begun to craft items and sell them on Etsy and other stores, and I’d like a forum to keep all things business-y organized, and to let you all know what is going on!  As soon as I have a store opened up, I’ll link to it!

4. The title of the blog may indicate that I like to craft, but I will not attack you with crafting. Knitting needles are dangerous, especially the circular lace ones, but I use my crafting skills for good, and not evil.

5. There is a great community of crafters out on the net, so I thought I’d join them instead of  constantly harrassing my non-crafty friends and family about the latest yarn aquasition, knitting triumph or crafting scheme.

6. I am married to a man who not only brews his own beer, but is attempting to smoke and cure his own pastrami, so I feel better about my less stinky crafting obsessions.

7.  I just realized that I have taken more pictures of my crafting projects and yarn than photos of my infant son.  There’s something quite disturbing about this…please don’t tell my mother-in-law.

8. However, having a baby around makes for more cute photos, because one can really feel better about a huge row of dropped stitches, frogged wool or misshapen vests if they are in a photo with a cute baby.  Quick, look at the chubby cheeks, don’t pay any attention to the sock heel turned the wrong way!

9. Being a stay at home mom I have a smidgen of time to tend to a blog, especially while he naps.

10.  I hope this entertains you all!

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