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Yes, that’s the little guy with his new leggings pulled up as far as the eye can see.  This is one of the projects from Knitter’s Almanac for February.  February’s theme is a ‘few baby’s things’ and he’s reaping the rewards of all the projects.  In addition to the leggings there is a sweater, bonnet, a double knitted blanket (blocking on my couch right now) and a shawl.  I am probably not going to finish all of the projects, but I hope to complete the baby sweater before the end of February.  I caught the strain of flu that evaded the vaccine, and lost almost a week of knitting time.  Had some interesting hallucinations, though.

A few technical notes on the leggings:  as most of EZ’s patterns, it is elegant, old fashioned, and fun to knit.  I have to admit to a rookie error – I neglected to go down a few needle sizes on the waistband ribbing, so the ribbing is less elastic and a bit ugly, but I made eyelets, as the instructions said, so I’ll run some Icord through those bad boys, and once the waistband actually comes to his waist (he has some growing to do before he fits into the longies properly) hopefully it will cinch up nicely.  I started with some Classic Elite Skye Tweed (discontinued, so I’m using up odd balls) in oatmeal, fully intending to make the pants oatmeal with a cunning blue color pattern down the legs, but wouldn’t you know it, but I had only one ball!  I had lots of leftover blue, so I just switched and did the rest of the longies in blue.  Here’s the little guy on the run:


He started crawling two weeks ago, and hasn’t stopped for a second!  He’s a man on a mission, but he’s not quite sure what the mission is.  He’ll crawl all the way into the bathroom (with me supervising, of course!) stop at the tub, and then get a bit confused.  I’m here, he thinks, but now what?


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Aaron’s Aran


Pattern: January Aran Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Source: Knitter’s Almanac

Size: 38 chest, Men’s small (thank goodness for slim husbands!)

Materials: The Irish Ewe in Medium Jacob, zipper facing knit in Bartlett Yarns two ply in lovat

Amount: about 3.5 seven ounce skeins

Needles: US8/5mm Addi Turbo Circulars

Started: December 2007

Finished: February 1, 2008! (hurray)


Onward to…February!

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