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Mr. Floppy!

I’ve been working on the Alphabet Sweater from Debbie Bliss for my toddler, and have encountered some technical difficulties.  Perhaps you have too! At any rate, I started this project the day after giving birth to my newborn (about three weeks ago) and found that the border flared out:


Which created a very manly ruffle.  The designer has you cast on the bottom garter stitch portion in #3 needles, the ribbing in #5 needles, and the rest of the sweater in #7 needles.  I found that this was not enough to nip it in for the waist, and reduced by about 15% the stitches on the garter stitch portion (casting on 71 stitches for the 24 mo size), increased to the required number on the ribbing, while still working in #3 needles, and then punching up to #7 needles for the main size.  I found that this worked!  And I had the added victory of correctly doing simple math computation to my sleep deprived brain.  (Newborns suck the smart out of your head for the first 6 weeks or so).  Here is the second attempt:


I’m glad that this worked out, because I have just enough discontinued Jaegar Extrafine Merino Aran to complete this sweater.  Here’s a closeup of the stitch pattern:


There’s a 4 st cable in the center, and 2 st cables flanking it.  Very texturey!


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New crafter!

Some of you may have wondered about my radio silence for the past…umm..almost a year!  Well, I have an excuse!  I was building a new crafter to add to the Craft Attack family.  (and running after the first toddler took the blogging right out of me!)  Introducing: Nathan Max Weber


And yes, that is a Baby Shedir on his little head.  It fit perfectly at the hosptial too!  Granted, he was a 9 lb, 5 oz baby (ouch!) but it kept him nice and cozy, or I’d like to think so.  I used the Shedir pattern on Knitty.com and modified it with the suggestions from the Something from Nothing blog. What a great idea!  It is a nice traveling stitch pattern and I used the technique that I explained in a previous post.  The yarn was Rowan fingering wool, and was a joy to work with.  Coming soon:  more Nate-wear!  I did get some knitting done while I was expecting this little guy.  Hopefully, I’ll have more time to feed this blog.

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