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The Curse…

I have mentioned that my oldest son has a knitting curse upon him.  In fact, almost everything that I have knit him since he was born has been destroyed, (Charlie Brown Sweater dryer incident of 07) lost, (double knit blanket thrown out of stroller during Geocaching expedition last winter on the MIT campus), rejected (Icelandic tomten jacket which makes him cry at every attempt to make him wear it), ill fitting (tweed longies, pilot cap) or  largely ignored (knit bunny – but I still have hopes for that one).  I feel that this is the project that will break the curse…the Red Sox World Series of knit objects to give a toddler – in soft merino wool – aran knit – and with his initial embroidered on the front.  This is the one that will break the curse!  

I finished the back last night, and cast on for the front, so hopefully we’ll have a finished item picture soon!


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