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New crafter!

Some of you may have wondered about my radio silence for the past…umm..almost a year!  Well, I have an excuse!  I was building a new crafter to add to the Craft Attack family.  (and running after the first toddler took the blogging right out of me!)  Introducing: Nathan Max Weber


And yes, that is a Baby Shedir on his little head.  It fit perfectly at the hosptial too!  Granted, he was a 9 lb, 5 oz baby (ouch!) but it kept him nice and cozy, or I’d like to think so.  I used the Shedir pattern on Knitty.com and modified it with the suggestions from the Something from Nothing blog. What a great idea!  It is a nice traveling stitch pattern and I used the technique that I explained in a previous post.  The yarn was Rowan fingering wool, and was a joy to work with.  Coming soon:  more Nate-wear!  I did get some knitting done while I was expecting this little guy.  Hopefully, I’ll have more time to feed this blog.


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And yes, we will be refinishing our floors soon, why do you ask?  If you notice, I worked the back higher on the shoulders, as per EZ’s advice.  Usually when working a sweater in the round like this, you insert a few short rows so the back doesn’t ride up (I see London, I see France, etc), but with a complicated pattern like this one, you just can’t do it.  So what you do is cast off five stitches at the beginning of each row and work back and forth, (can get complicated working a cable round from the back, ask me how I know!) until you have 40 stitches left live for the neck.  It makes a nicely rounded top, which will be sewn to the front shoulders.


I just love the pattern here – combined with the yarn I used, it feels so earthy, and smells somewhat sheepy (in a good way) and flows so beautifully.  Elizabeth Zimmerman is truly a genius.  I’m going to be very sad when this project is over.  So will the little guy:


I was trying to take pictures of the sweater, and who rolls on over, but my very own personal kitten!  I swear my son has supernatural powers to detect any sort of string, wire or yarn.  Must be the yarn fumes. Well, tangling my ball of leftover yarn is better than his usual hobby of chewing on the power cords (or at least trying his best to do so).  I promise this is the last gratuitous baby picture – here he is caught in the act:

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Back from the abyss!

Sorry I’ve been so remiss in my posting, but I have had a few things going on lately, most notably an icky sinus infection which landed me in bed for the better part of the week.  Thank goodness for my brother who works for a European company, and therefore gets lots of time off.  He took care of the baby who also caught the snufflies from me, but not as bad.  Luckily, the baby was able to celebrate Halloween in style:

Good Grief!

Good Grief!

This is my first original sweater design, and it was a hoot to knit.  I used Knitpicks Swish Superwash, which knits up fairly quickly at about 5 sts/in on size 7 needles (5 for ribbing, natch).  I knit it straight up with no shaping to the armpits, inserting the zigzag after about 4 inches of solid yellow.  I then knit the sleeves, increasing evenly, and attached the sleeves, did raglan decreases and knit up to the neck, switched to ribbing, and bound off using this very stretchy bind off, because babies heads are notoriously big and hard to get through sweater necks.  I’d love to sell this pattern,  but the estate of Charles Schultz would not be happy.  I wonder if I can make it available free?  Anybody out there know?

In grand Jewish holiday tradition, we celebrated at the Korean restaurant, just like on Christmas Eve!  Jonah got lots of offers for candy, but as he’s still working on mastering prunes, he’ll just have to wait.  Plus, you can’t rot teeth you don’t have yet!  And where’s the fun in that?

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Custom Bunnies, anyone?

Emma and the White Bunny

Emma and the White Bunny

Aww, doesn’t this kid look like she’s having lots of fun with the bunny?  You know you want one too!  If you’d like to get a bunny as cute as this one, I can make one for you!  Just send me an email.

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I have no new shop things to show you today, but I do have a knitting tip, which I discovered a few weeks ago, and it has changed my knitting!  When you want to make a left leaning decrease, one usually does a SSK (slip, slip, knit).  This is a great left leaning decrease that most closely matches K2TOG (right leaning decrease).  However, most people slip both stitches knitwise.  If you slip the first stitch knitwise, and the next stitch purlwise, you will get an even smoother decrease.  It really makes a difference!  I’m sure that I’m not even close the only one to get this, but it’s still pretty exciting to me.

I’ve had a wonderfully busy weekend going to a wedding, and it was very special, because I introduced the bride and the groom!  A coworker and I decided that we had too many single friends, and that we needed to set someone up.  We got them to go on a blind date, and the rest is history!  It was a beautiful ceremony officiated by a dear friend.  That was followed by a fabulous reception with lots of food, drink (open bar!  Woo hoo!) and much dancing.  I even convinced my husband to dance to a fast song!  A milestone in our relationship.  Oh, and it was my birthday.  Fun was had by all, especially the beautiful bride.

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Yesterday, we had a ear infection scare, but it turned out that the boy was just itchy!  We brought him to the doctor, who said that he was grabbing his ear because the same nerve that is aggravated by teething is also connected to his ear.  Who knew!  Anyway, he was scratching so much, he broke the skin in his ear, so the scabs were itching him as well.  So, our goal is to break the circle of itchiness, using many moisturizers and hydrocortizone cream.

Blissed Out on Oraljel Blissed Out on Oraljel

Which brings me to my next bit of news…a friend of mine requested a super moisturizing soap, so very soon we will be carrying a lovely shea butter and silk soap.  Keep checking back, and I’ll let you know when it will become available.  But, for now, here are our new soaps. They’ll be up on Etsy tonight as well as a special 3 bar discount.  Buy 3 for 10 dollars.  What a deal!

Man SoapMan Soap

With notes of cedarwood, frankincense and cinnamon, this is a woodsy, spicy soap that is gentle, yet masculine.

Raspberry Mint SoapRaspberry Mint Soap
It’s pink! It’s minty! Like walking through a raspberry field that’s also planted with mint bushes!  Sure to perk you up in the morning.

Cinnamon Spice Torte Soap  Cinnamon Spice Torte Soap

Mmmm…like one of our favorite fall treats, cinnamon spice torte.  Creamy, spicy, but not for eating!

Mulberry Almond SoapMulberry Almond Soap

Sweet berries and exfoliating crushed almonds come together in a beautifully shaped soap that is sure to get attention.  generous 4 oz size.


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