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The Curse…

I have mentioned that my oldest son has a knitting curse upon him.  In fact, almost everything that I have knit him since he was born has been destroyed, (Charlie Brown Sweater dryer incident of 07) lost, (double knit blanket thrown out of stroller during Geocaching expedition last winter on the MIT campus), rejected (Icelandic tomten jacket which makes him cry at every attempt to make him wear it), ill fitting (tweed longies, pilot cap) or  largely ignored (knit bunny – but I still have hopes for that one).  I feel that this is the project that will break the curse…the Red Sox World Series of knit objects to give a toddler – in soft merino wool – aran knit – and with his initial embroidered on the front.  This is the one that will break the curse!  

I finished the back last night, and cast on for the front, so hopefully we’ll have a finished item picture soon!


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Mr. Floppy!

I’ve been working on the Alphabet Sweater from Debbie Bliss for my toddler, and have encountered some technical difficulties.  Perhaps you have too! At any rate, I started this project the day after giving birth to my newborn (about three weeks ago) and found that the border flared out:


Which created a very manly ruffle.  The designer has you cast on the bottom garter stitch portion in #3 needles, the ribbing in #5 needles, and the rest of the sweater in #7 needles.  I found that this was not enough to nip it in for the waist, and reduced by about 15% the stitches on the garter stitch portion (casting on 71 stitches for the 24 mo size), increased to the required number on the ribbing, while still working in #3 needles, and then punching up to #7 needles for the main size.  I found that this worked!  And I had the added victory of correctly doing simple math computation to my sleep deprived brain.  (Newborns suck the smart out of your head for the first 6 weeks or so).  Here is the second attempt:


I’m glad that this worked out, because I have just enough discontinued Jaegar Extrafine Merino Aran to complete this sweater.  Here’s a closeup of the stitch pattern:


There’s a 4 st cable in the center, and 2 st cables flanking it.  Very texturey!

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First Post

Welcome to Craft Attack!  I have been trying to blog for a while, but most of my blog-projects end up turning into time capsules of the week I got motivated to start a blog.  However, I now have good reasons to begin this particular blog, and I will list them, not necessarily in order:

1. I am a stay at home mom, or attempting to be, and I need to keep at least a small percentage of what is left of my sanity/intelligence for the adult world, and not for singing endless verses of ‘This Old Man”

2. What exactly is knick-nack, paddy-whack, and how does one play it?  It sounds dirty..plus I can never find anything to rhyme with twelve.  This is what keeps me up at night…that and the 5 month old.

3. I have begun to craft items and sell them on Etsy and other stores, and I’d like a forum to keep all things business-y organized, and to let you all know what is going on!  As soon as I have a store opened up, I’ll link to it!

4. The title of the blog may indicate that I like to craft, but I will not attack you with crafting. Knitting needles are dangerous, especially the circular lace ones, but I use my crafting skills for good, and not evil.

5. There is a great community of crafters out on the net, so I thought I’d join them instead of  constantly harrassing my non-crafty friends and family about the latest yarn aquasition, knitting triumph or crafting scheme.

6. I am married to a man who not only brews his own beer, but is attempting to smoke and cure his own pastrami, so I feel better about my less stinky crafting obsessions.

7.  I just realized that I have taken more pictures of my crafting projects and yarn than photos of my infant son.  There’s something quite disturbing about this…please don’t tell my mother-in-law.

8. However, having a baby around makes for more cute photos, because one can really feel better about a huge row of dropped stitches, frogged wool or misshapen vests if they are in a photo with a cute baby.  Quick, look at the chubby cheeks, don’t pay any attention to the sock heel turned the wrong way!

9. Being a stay at home mom I have a smidgen of time to tend to a blog, especially while he naps.

10.  I hope this entertains you all!

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